「Cambridge IELTS 13」Reading Test3-2『How baby talk gives infant brains a boost』(p.64)の単語・フレーズ

「Cambridge IELTS 13」Reading Test3-2『How baby talk gives infant brains a boost』(p.64)の単語・フレーズ

「Cambridge IELTS 13」Reading Test3-2『How baby talk gives infant brains a boost』(p.64)の単語・フレーズをまとめました。

私がIELTS Readingの単語・まとめを行う理由は「Cambridge IELTS Reading単語・フレーズまとめ」からご覧ください。

Reading Test 1 Passage 1:Case Study: Tourism New Zealand website

  • exaggerated
    UK /ɪɡˈzædʒ.ə.reɪ.tɪd/ US /ɪɡˈzædʒ.ə.reɪ.t̬ɪd/
    seeming larger, more important, better, or worse than it really is:
    1 誇張された, 大げさな
    2 わざとらしい, これ見よがしな
  • repetitious
    US /ˌrep·ɪˈtɪʃ·əs/
    filled with unnecessary and boring things expressed or happening in the same way many times:
    繰り返しの多い, くどい
  • fascination
    noun [ S or U ]
    UK /ˌfæs.ənˈeɪ.ʃən/ US /ˌfæs.ənˈeɪ.ʃən/
    the fact of finding someone or something fascinating:
    1 《U, a/the ~》 魅了
    2 《U, a/the ~》 魅力
    3 《C》 魅力的なもの
  • linguist
    UK /ˈlɪŋ.ɡwɪst/ US /ˈlɪŋ.ɡwɪst/
    someone who studies foreign languages or can speak them very well, or someone who teaches or studies linguistics
    1 諸外国語に通じた人, 言語通
    2 言語学者
  • womb
    noun [ C ] old-fashioned in US
    UK /wuːm/ US /wuːm/
    the organ in the body of a woman or other female mammal in which a baby develops before birth:
    in the womb
  • prompting
    noun [ C or U ]
    UK /ˈprɒmp.tɪŋ/ US /ˈprɑːmp.tɪŋ/
    the act of trying to make someone say something:
    《C, U》 (人に行動などを) 促すこと, 思い出させること, 後押し
  • belly
    noun [ C ]
    UK /ˈbel.i/ US /ˈbel.i/
    ・the stomach or the front part of the body between your chest and your legs:
    ・the rounded or curved part of an object:
    1 《C》 腹, 胃, おなか
    2 《C》 (人間の) 腹部
    同意 abdomen
    3 《C》 (動物の) 腹部
    4 《U》 belly of pork / pork belly
    5 《C》 (船・飛行機の) 胴体の下側
    6 《C》 (バイオリンなどの楽器の) 胴
  • exposure
    UK /ɪkˈspəʊ.ʒər/ US /ɪkˈspoʊ.ʒɚ/
    ・the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place:
    ・the fact of something bad that someone has done being made public]:
    ・the fact of an event or information being often discussed in newspapers and on the television, etc.:
    ・a serious medical condition that is caused by being outside in very cold weather:
    ・a single photograph on a piece of film, or the amount of time a piece of film is open to the light when making a photograph:
    ・the direction in which something faces:
    1 《U》 (日光・危険などに) さらす[さらされる]こと
    2 exposure to something
    3 《U》 (秘密・悪事などの) 発覚, 露見
    4 《U》 (マスコミなどによる) 注目, 関心
    5 《U》 (極寒による) 低体温
    6 《C》 (フィルムの) 1こま
    7 《C》 (写真の) 露出, 露光(時間)
    8 《常に単数形で》 (建物・部屋などの) 向き
    9 exposure of something
    10 exposure to something
    〘専門〙 (企業の) <…>に対する損害賠償責任度
  • absurd
    UK /əbˈsɜːd/ US /əbˈsɝːd/
    stupid and unreasonable, or silly in a humorous way:
    ばかげた, 途方もない
  • repertoire
    noun [ C ]
    UK /ˈrep.ə.twɑːr/ US /ˈrep.ɚ.twɑːr/
    all the music or plays, etc. that you can do or perform or that you know:
    1 レパートリー, 上演目録, 演奏曲目
    2 (得意分野としての) レパートリー, 持ちごま
  • cue
    noun [ C ]
    UK /kjuː/ US /kjuː/
    ・a word or action in a play or film that is used as a signal by a performer to begin saying or doing something
    ・a signal for someone to do something:
    ・If something happens on cue, it happens just after someone has said or thought it would happen:
    ・to take notice of someone’s words or behaviour so that you know what you should do:
    ・a long, thin wooden pole with a small piece of leather at one end, used for hitting the ball in games such as billiards or snooker
    1 Image of cue(ある行動を触発する) 合図, 手がかり, きっかけ
    2 (演劇・映画などで) キュー, 合図
    3 (ビリヤードなどの) キュー, 突き棒
  • induce
    verb formal
    UK /ɪnˈdʒuːs/ US /ɪnˈduːs/
    ・to persuade someone to do something:
    ・to cause something to happen:
    ・to use a drug to make a pregnant woman start giving birth:
    1 〘フォーマル〙 induce somebody to do something
    <人>を<…>する気にさせる, <…>するようにしむける
    2 〘フォーマル〙 <病気・不安など> を引き起こす, 誘発する
    3 (陣痛誘発剤を投与して) <妊婦> に出産させる, <胎児> の出産を誘発する, <出産・分娩ぶんべん> を誘発する


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